Scene I Jesus and John

Scene I-Jesus and John

Main Layout

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and I had to measure The Revelation Painting bringing it from 6mm squares to 6 inch squares, to finally sections by the foot.  This is the first scene, in the bottom left corner in the beginning of the painting.  There were many battles with this section, as it was the beginning.  I tried to gauge capturing the audience by this first scene and its importance but then I realized that Scene II GOD would draw tha attention away from this scene.


Canvas Layout (general) 1.2/2.2

General Layout 1998

General layout of The Revelation Painting measuring 12 feet by 40 feet utilizing 30 canvases measuring 48″ x 48″.  Twenty canvases are gallery wrapped, reinforced canvases, ten are custom-made Birch, wooden canvases.  Four of the custom-made canvases are plain frame and front to hold the weight of the stones of The New City and six are made with wooden doors held by 36″ piano hinges which allow storage of the elements of Scene II God and the many fiber optic cables that accompany it.

The original graphed journal used to measure the painting remarkably has the same number of squares required for accurate measurements.



















LEFT SIDE (above) and RIGHT SIDE (below)